Feetology employs a team of highly skilled podiatrists focused on solving your foot concerns. All of our podiatrists begin their career with a four year university degree, and advance their knowledge by regularly attending workshops, conferences and seminars. This commitment to ongoing learning and development ensures that we have the best and most up-to-date skills and techniques to help you get back to the things you love to do.

  • Mark Caldwell

    B.Hlth.Sc. (Pod) | M.A.Pod.A


    Mark Caldwell graduated his podiatry studies from Queensland University of Technology in 2000 and has been working in private practice in the Redlands since 2001.

    His first introduction to podiatry came as a nine year old competing in ‘Little Athletics’ carnivals. His heels would be so sore at the end of an athletics carnival that he would be walking on his tip-toes to alleviate the pain. Podiatry got him back on the track and kept him sprinting through athletic competitions at school, state and national levels, as well as a few decathlons along the way.

    Mark is an Accredited Podiatrist and a member of the Australian Podiatry Association. He attends many conferences and workshops to advance his knowledge. Mark is particularly interested in the area of musculoskeletal pain of the foot and lower limb and incorporates joint mobilisation and manipulation, and dry needling into his treatments.

    Mark is a “local”. He created Redlands Podiatry in 2006 and is committed to keeping Redlands residents pain free and active so that they can continue to enjoy life and all that the Redlands has to offer. Mark is proud of the well regarded, bustling practice he has built.

  • Quynh (Trang) Trinh

    BPod | BPharm | MAPodA


    Trang (pronounced Cha-ng) joined the Feetology team in 2019 and is a passionate and driven Podiatrist.

    Trang’s first experience with podiatry was when she was 23. During her study to become a pharmacist, Trang worked part-time as a pharmacy assistant and developed plantar heel pain and had to seek help from a podiatrist, a profession that she never heard of when she was in Vietnam. Amazed at how a podiatrist could help her to walk pain-free, Trang decided to change her career path and became a podiatrist.

    Trang graduated from QUT in 2017 and has been working in rural Queensland before joining Feetology Podiatry Centre in November 2019. Trang is passionate in all aspects of podiatry and loves helping keep her patients mobile and active and applying a holistic approach to healthcare. She believes that besides treating foot and ankle conditions, Podiatrists play an important role in health education and health promotion, encouraging patients to make healthy lifestyle changes so they stay healthy and happy.

    Trang enjoys learning about and performing manual therapies as part of her treatment, and has been attending acupuncture, dry needling and mobilisation workshops to add even more value and treatment options for her patients.

    Outside of work, she’s a table tennis enthusiast and avid guitar player.

  • Sakina Latif

    B.Pod | M.A.Pod.A


    Sakina Latif joined the Feetology team in 2020 and is a dedicated and caring podiatrist.

    She was first introduced to podiatry through her grandma who had foot-related problems due to her diabetes. Attending podiatry visits with her sparked an interest in the world of Podiatry. Sakina wants to make a difference in people’s lives, she loves meeting new people and thrives on helping people get back on their feet. She enjoys all aspects of podiatry and believes that there is nothing more rewarding that relieving a patient’s foot pain.

    Sakina completed her Bachelor of Podiatry at QUT and enjoys attending workshops and seminars in order to expand her podiatric knowledge so that she is able to continue to treat her patients with a range of modalities.

    Outside of work, she enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes from all different cuisines, and loves to go to the beach


  • Ian Hung

    B.Pod | M.A.Pod.A


    Ian joined the Feetology team in January 2021

    Ian understands and appreciates the importance of keeping feet comfortable and enjoys practicing podiatry to help people stay on their feet to do the things they enjoy.

    Ian likes to keep active himself. He enjoys participating in different activities to stay fit, which range from jogging and exercising to going out and trying different recreational activities such as ice skating, indoor rock climbing and hiking.

    Ian graduated from QUT (Bachelors of Podiatry) and is always motivated to develop his profession with the latest knowledge by attending workshops and online webinars.