Plantar Warts

Can Be Difficult, Painful and Messy To Treat

There is so much advice on the world wide web regarding how to treat plantar warts with people swearing by their particular cure that helped them.

They will tell you it cleared up in a matter of days to weeks. And you have probably tried them all without success.

The reality with plantar warts is that some will go away really quickly (even without any treatment), and some will last for years.

But there is a new treatment option!!!


Plantar Wart Treatment

If you have had your plantar wart for any extended period of time, you have probably tried alot of differenct treatments without sucess.

Using chemicals from the chemist or your health professional, freezing, bannana skins, supplements, the list goes on.

This is where our new wart fighting technology, Swift Microwave Therapy fits in.

Initial studies show a 75%* resolution of warts in patients that had long standing plantar warts that had failed to respond to at least 2 other treatments.

Overtime the protocol has improved and practitioners are now getting an 80%** success rate with the Swift treatment.

Plantar Wart Treatment

Swift Microwave Therapy

The Swift machine uses microwave technology to treat the plantar warts.

Plantar warts  are very good at evading the immune system, so the body’s natural defences do not kick in to get rid of it.

The Swift microwave heats the verruca tissue to between 42 and 45 deg celsius.

This is not hot enough to destroy the tissue, but it causes “heat stress” to the cells.

This promotes the immune system to kick in and self healing begins, generally occurring over a period of 2-4 months.

Is This Treatment Right For You?

This treatment is great if you have tried alot of other treatments and have not had success.

But what if you have just started on your wart journey? Is this treatment right for you?

It can be.

If you want a no mess and no fuss way to treat your wart, the Swift is a great option.

What To Expect?

Your initial appointment will be to assess your wart and ensure that it is suitable for treatment.

There are some reasons where this treatment can’t be used (poor circulation for example).

We will also explain all of your options, and set up a treatment plan to get started..

Swift Microwave Therapy