Our Doctors

Quynh (Trang) Trinh

Trang (pronounced Cha-ng) joined the Feetology team in 2019 and is a passionate and driven Podiatrist.

Trang’s first experience with podiatry was when she was 23. During her study to become a pharmacist, Trang worked part-time as a pharmacy assistant and developed plantar heel pain and had to seek help from a podiatrist, a profession that she never heard of when she was in Vietnam. Amazed at how a podiatrist could help her to walk pain-free, Trang decided to change her career path and became a podiatrist.

Trang graduated from QUT in 2017 and has been working in rural Queensland before joining Feetology Podiatry Centre in November 2019. Trang is passionate in all aspects of podiatry and loves helping keep her patients mobile and active and applying a holistic approach to healthcare. She believes that besides treating foot and ankle conditions, Podiatrists play an important role in health education and health promotion, encouraging patients to make healthy lifestyle changes so they stay healthy and happy.

Trang enjoys learning about and performing manual therapies as part of her treatment, and has been attending acupuncture, dry needling and mobilisation workshops to add even more value and treatment options for her patients.

Outside of work, she’s a table tennis enthusiast and avid guitar player.