Privacy and confidentiality is fundamental to Feetology Podiatry Centre’s values and undertakings. Our policies and procedures ensure that the personal information in our possession is handled sensitively, securely and in accordance with privacy legislation.

Feetology Podiatry Centre is committed to upholding the National Privacy Principles which set the standards for obtaining, using, storing and accessing our clients’ personal information.

What information is collected and used?

To provide quality podiatric care, Feetology Podiatry Centre collects personal information from our clients such as name, contact details and sensitive medical information. This information is necessary to provide accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment. We will also use clients’ personal information to communicate with them and for billing purposes.

Whilst there is no obligation for clients to provide the information requested, withholding information may prevent us from providing our services to them.

It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure that the information they have provided to us is accurate and current. Clients are able to update/ correct their information as required however we may track these changes for auditing purposes.


Clients have a right to privacy and confidentiality of their personal information. Feetology Podiatry Centre will only use or disclose a client’s personal information for the purpose for which it was collected to provide our services, i.e. providing podiatry assessment, treatment and related services.

From time to time, personal information may be shared with other health providers (doctors, allied health practitioners, specialists, etc.) in the course of treating/ managing a client’s condition. Where applicable, client information will also be provided to Medicare, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and/ or health insurance funds. The clients’ information is disclosed to these parties only in relation to the specific services provided to the client.

Unless the client authorises (in writing) a third party (other than above) to access to their information, only the client will be granted access to their personal information.

There are limited exceptions where information may be disclosed without the client’s consent including emergency situations, risks to the health and safety of an individual or the public, fulfilling medical indemnity insurance requirements. Practitioners may be legally bound to release client records in situations such as under court orders, subpoenas, and Coroner’s court cases.

We may also use personal information in other ways to enhance the services we provide to our clients. Clients have the right to tell us that they do not want us to contact them for any reasons other than the primary purpose of collecting their personal information.

How is the information stored?

Feetology Podiatry Centre maintains hardcopy and electronic records of client information. We take measures to ensure personal information is protected from unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure or alteration.

Client information is kept for as long as is required by law. Information that is no longer needed after this time is destroyed securely.

How can clients access the information?

Clients may request access to any of their personal information we hold (except where prevented by privacy law). Requests must be made in writing and proof of identity may be required.

For most requests, the information will be provided free of charge. However, where considerable effort is required on our behalf, or in some cases, where a consultation with the client’s practitioner is required, a reasonable fee will be payable to access the record. This fee cannot be claimed with Medicare, DVA or health insurance funds.


Complaints regarding the handling of personal information should be discussed with the client’s practitioner or the Practice Manager.

Practice Policies

Clients may request a copy of Feetology Podiatry Centre’s Privacy Policy at any time.

All of Feetology Podiatry Centre’s policies, including our Privacy Policy, are reviewed and amended from time to time to keep up-to-date with changes to law, technology and the market place.

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