Quality Care Starts With An Initial Appointment

At Feetology Podiatry Centre, we value quality care for your feet. We start at your initial appointment to create a personalised treatment plan for you. As part of this process, we will outline any anticipated treatment fees. We have listed the fees of many of our services below.

When it comes time for payment, we accept all your favourite cards (including American Express) and can process your health fund claim on the spot for participating funds. If you are on an EPC Medicare referral we can assist you with accessing your medicare rebate. Or for those with a DVA Gold Card your appointment is covered with a valid GP referral.


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Your Initial Visit

Initial Consults at Feetology are $115 or if on a pension concession card $99*.

In this 40 minute appointment our podiatrists will take a thorough history, examine your issue, develop a treatment plan and where we can get started on treatment right away.

Subsequent Visits

Follow up visits are $93 or if on a pension concession card $88* for a 20-30 minute appointment.

This appointment is suitable for follow up nail care, ingrown toenails, review of foot and leg pain after the first appoitnment including reveiwing any imaging and for treatments such as Shocwave, Dry Needling and/or Foot Mobilisations.

Extended Visits

Extended appointments are $115 or if on a pension concession card $105* for a 40 minute appointment.

This is a longer appointment for more complex problems or managing multiple issues. If you feel you need longer for your appointment or your podiatrist has recommend an extended appointment, this is the choice for you.

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*To obtain the pension discount, you must present your Sevices Australia pension concession card at the time of the appointment.

Other Services We Provide

Will my health fund provide a rebate for my treatment from a podiatrist?

Most health funds offer a rebate for their patients as part of an extras package. The services covered and the values of the rebates are determined by your health fund. It is suggested that patients speak with their health fund prior to obtaining treatment to understand their individual cover. Feetology can provide you with the item codes applicable for your treatment so that you can discuss this with your health fund.

I Have An EPC (Medicare) Referral From My Doctor?

Great - this means that your visit will be subsidised by Medicare. Our standard fees will still be payable, and we will help you to process your Medicare claim so that you recieve your $56 Medicare rebate back in your bank account as quickly as possible.

What is an EPC Referral?

An EPC referral is for people with Chronic Health Conditions. Your Doctor will be able to tell you if you are eligible and arrange the necessary paperwork. 

Department Of Veteran Affairs?

Department Of Veteran Affairs Gold Card holders have access to podiatry with a valid referral from their GP. White Card holders may be eligible for care if their condition is relating to their feet. A referral from your GP is required and prior approval may be needed from DVA.