Step Into the Holidays: Preventing Foot Pain

Christmas is just around the corner and I know that in January we are going have our patients coming into the clinic having developed pain in their feet over the holiday period. 

All that extra standing, walking and activity that you can do over the christmas break can put extra load on your feet. But did you know that there's one thing that you can do to make foot pain much less likely.

Wear good footwear!!!

What do I mean?

If you are going to go and do some walking for exercise, you know you need to wear supportive shoes. But what about if you are going to get into some Boxing Day sale shopping, or going away camping and are going to be on your feet alot or doing some projects around the house. Now is not the time to be putting a pair of thongs or slides on for these activities, especially if you don't normally wear these types of footwear. 

It is about choosing the right tools for the job. A good pair of shoes is going to give your feet support, reducing the risk of your muscles and tendons getting overworked and ultimately ending up in my office in January. 

If you are going to be doing alot of walking, choose a good walking shoe or jogger. Sandals that have straps and hold onto your feet are a much better option than a slide for long periods of shopping. 

So enjoy Christmas and your holidays, and remember to look after your feet and they will look after you. 

Have a great Christmas