Common Myths About Ingrown Toenails

Have you been told to cut a "V"in your ingrown toenail or to cut the nails straight across to stop your ingrown - these are 2 of the most common myths about fixing your problem.

Myth 1

Cutting a V in the tip of your nail is not going to relieve the pressure in the corners of your nails, where the ingrown toenail is happening. Check the video for a greater description as why this so.


Myth 2

Cutting the nails straight across is another very popular myth for managing your ingrown toenails.

Look, this isnt a bad stratergy to manage most ingrown toenails, but in some instance it won't help. If the nail is has a really curved shape, or if it is really deep set into the toe, the corners of the nail do need to be removed. This is where having professional care from one of Feetology's podiatrists gets you set up on the right treatment path.


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Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell has 22 years experience in podiatry. He is the founder of Feetology Podiatry Centre and enjoys helping Feetology's patients get better every day. When he is not treating patients he enjoys riding his mountain bike, growing fruit and veg in the garden and playing with his tractor.