Funny walking patterns may lead to problems in the future
Funny walking patterns may lead to problems in the future

Are your child’s feet turning inward when they walk?
Do they walk differently to other children their age?
Do they trip over constantly?

Our podiatrists have found that leaving “funny” walking patterns untreated can lead to foot, knee, hip and gross motor issues in later life. Early intervention is always easier to treat as there is less ‘programming’ to ‘undo’.

Collapsed arches, intoeing (pigeon toe walking or feet turning inwards) and toe walking (walking on your tippy toes) can have several causes.  Depending on severity and the cause of the the problem, children may grow out of the condition.  If your child doesn’t it may lead to pain later on as a child or even as an adult.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your child’s foot, one of our podiatrists can perform an assessment of your child and their walking patterns. We can then advise on the best course of intervention, if any is needed at all. This is a really important step to confirm whether what you are seeing is a problem or just normal development.

Many of the problems that we find with children’s feet can be treated with stretches, balance programs, appropriate footwear, orthotics (special arch supports), and in more severe cases splinting (using special supports that are worn at night time).

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Things to look for:

  • Feet turning in or In-toeing
  • Walking on the balls of the feet or toes
  • When your child complains of sore/tired legs
  • If your child is waking at night with pain in their legs
  • If you notice that your child is clumsy and trips a lot
  • Your child wants to be carried all the time
    If your child is going to grow out of a foot condition you should notice steady improvement in the appearance of their feet over time. Contact us now for an appointment so we can check out your child’s funny walking pattern