Heal Your Heels – Tip 3 Stretch Your Calf Muscle

Calf Stretch Heel Pain

Do you wake up with pain under your heels in the morning? Are they sore after a long day of work? Heck! Your heels might be sore all of the time.

Heel pain is one of the most common problems that your feet are likely to suffer from. Our podiatrists help people like you improve their pain every day.

Today I am covering tip number 4 of 5 on things you can be doing to help ease your heel pain. Check out our blog to find more tips.


Tip 4 – Calf Stretch

So what does calf stretching have to do with heel pain? A lot. Tight calf muscles can leads to excess pressure on the heel and arch muscles, contributing to your pain. Doing some simple calf stretches can help to reduce the load. Keep reading to find out…


  • So how do I stretch this area?

It is really quite simple for you to stretch your calf. Stand about 50 cm from a wall or door. Place the leg not to be stretched forward and bend the front knee. Keep the back leg straight and lunge toward the wall (like in the photo above). Press your hips toward the wall to fill a stretch in your calf area.


  • How long do I hold the stretch?

Hold the stretch for 30 seconds, relax, and then repeat twice more.


  • When do I do this?

Doing this at least three times a day is key to making a change in the muscle.


So get in and start stretching our your calf muscles. Combining this with the other exercises and changes will start to improve you pain. Now as with any exercise, if you feel that it doesn’t feel right or is making the area sore, stop the exercise immediately. If this happens to you, it is time seek our help to diagnose the condition correctly and provide the right treatment plan.

Keep an eye out for next weeks blog which will be covering how to rest the area and the role orthotics can play.

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