How do I know if my child needs to see a podiatrist?

Sometimes it’s hard to get a lot of information out of our children about how their legs and feet are feeling. And sometimes it’s even harder to think of the right questions to ask! It can be hard for our kids to express how their feet and legs are feeling too...

To make this a little easier for parents and kids alike, our Feetologists (Podiatrists) have come up with a few questions to help you work out if your child requires a check-up with one of our podiatrists:


  • Is your child complaining about painful feet/legs “growing pains” particularly in the evenings?  Does your child limp after running or playing sport?


  • Is your child clumsy or constantly tripping?


  • Do you think your child is walking ‘funny’?


  • Are they walking on their tip-toes, do their toes point inwards (pigeon-toed), do they have flat feet, do their knees point inwards or are their ankles rolling in (or out)?


  • Do they look different to other children their age when walking or running?


  • Have your child’s shoes worn through quickly or unevenly?


If you or your child answered "Yes" to any of these questions, a thorough foot check is the first step to getting them back to their best. Help your child get off on the right foot; ready to tackle whatever comes their way!

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