Are Your Shoes Worn Out – 3 Tests To Give Your Shoes A Thorough Check Up

Have you been spending your isolation time putting in more exercise? How do you know your runners are up to the job and not likely to cause you any feet problems?

Now, over the last few months, we’ve been seeing people getting out and exercising in record numbers around the Redlands. Our podiatrists see over 150 pairs of feet each week and the major contributing cause of foot pain is worn out shoes.

So how do you know if your shoes are worn and could possibly cause you any problems down the track?

Here are three quick tests you can do it home to check that your shoes are still up to the task.

1. The Lean Test

Put your shoes on a flat surface and look at them from behind. Is the heel unit is nice and square? We should not be seeing the heel counter leaning in, or leaning out. This is a sign that the shoes are worn and need replacing.

2. The Wobble Test

Again, place your shoes on a flat surface again. Start by lifting one edge of the shoe off the bench, and then let it go. We are looking for an extened period of rocking of the shoe. This is an indicator that the sole unit is worn. It is no longer a stable surface for you to walk or run on.

3. Too Many Toes Test

Is the upper of the shoe worn out? Are your toes poking out? Has there been damage to the lining of the shoe? Wear around the heel cup Area? If the answer is yes to any of these, your shoes need replacing. Damage can cause pressure and friction on your feet, and may lead to blisters, corns and callous.

So get out there and give your shoes a thorough check up. Your feet will thank you for it!!!