No 1 Tip For Sore Feet

Are you having problems with your sore feet?

Podiatrist Mark Caldwell shares his No.1 thing to do if you are having foot problems. Watch the video above or read on to find out more if you have Sore Feet.

Now my number one tip if you're starting to get a sore foot, is to look at what's happening with your footwear. We want to make sure that we're wearing something that's nice and supportive on the foot. For example, we don't want something loose, that's flopping around on the foot and not helping. What we're looking for is something with laces, so that it's going to hold onto the midfoot well, but still have some room around the toes so we're not squashing things. Or if laces aren't your style, going for a velcro strap can be really useful as well.

Now, if that's not enough to settle down your problem, then it's time to get an expert advice. We have a team of podiatrists here at Feetology that can help to diagnose what's going on for you, and develop the best treatment plan to get you on your feet as quickly as possible.

There's no need to be putting up with sore feet. Get in touch with us here at the clinic on 3820 6326 or you can book online.