Wearing The Right Shoes For Running

This is the time of year when people are making good on their New Year resolutions. For some folk that is getting back into running. Mark had a patient in recently who made the number 1 mistake when taking running on for exercise, running in a non running shoe. Watch on to find out why this is not a good idea a if you want to stay out of the podiatrists office.



Are you getting back into running in the New Year and just running in any old shoes?

If so, read on to find out why wearing the right shoes for running is important.

This time of year, we start to see patients coming into the clinic that have been getting back into running, and starting to run into some foot problems.

One of the biggest things that we see is that when people are getting into running, they start off in the wrong shoes.

I just had a patient in recently who wanted to get back into exercise and get fit. She recently played a lot of netball in the past, so she thought she'd get out there and run in her netball shoes.

Now netball shoes are great for playing netball, or other types of court sports. But when you go and start running distance in them, they don't have as much cushioning and support for the really repetitive task of running. They're designed for going side to side and really quick motions.

So it's important to make sure that you're picking the right type of shoe for the activity that you're doing. If you are wanting to get back into running, look for a for a runner that's fit for purpose. You're going to feel so much more comfortable and you're going to be much less likely to end up with an injury and in our rooms seeking our help.

Having said that, if you are running into any troubles with your feet at the moment, get in touch with us on 3820 6326 or make an appointment online. We're here to help, we love helping runners achieve their goals.