Can Your Feet Cause back Pain

Can Your Feet Cause Back Pain

Did you know that our podiatrists can play a vital role in alleviating back pain? Let's dive into how our expert podiatrists can help you find relief and improve your overall well-being.

Everyone's feet and the way they walk are unique. Some common issues related to walking patterns include when your feet roll too much inward, don't roll in enough or even roll outward when your walking. These issues can lead to changes in how you stand, imbalances in muscles, and strain on the lower back.

Here are 3 signs that your feet could be contributing to your back pain:

  1. Does your back pain play up with walking? If so, this is a sign that your foot posture could be playing a role.
  2. Have you noticed uneven Shoe Wear? Take a look at the soles of your shoes. Do they wear down unevenly, especially in the heel or arch area? This might indicate problems with how your feet function that could be affecting your back.
  3. Have you noticed that your feet roll inward excessively (overpronation) or outward excessively (oversupination) when you walk or stand? This could be a sign that your foot alignment is impacting on your posture and potentially causing your  back pain.

At Feetology Podiatry Centre, we'll start with a thorough assessment of your foot posture and gait. By analyzing how you walk and stand, we can identify any alignment issues that might be contributing to your discomfort.

From there, we will build a plan with you to improve your foot posture with the goal of helping to ease that back pain. 

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Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell has 22 years experience in podiatry. He is the founder of Feetology Podiatry Centre and enjoys helping Feetology's patients get better every day. When he is not treating patients he enjoys riding his mountain bike, growing fruit and veg in the garden and playing with his tractor.