Heel Pain Tip 1 – Arch Rolling

Are you currently experiencing any heel pain and finding that it's limiting your activity levels? 

This month at Feetology we are letting our followers in on the best tips and tricks to help get over your heel pain. 


Arch Rolling

Arch rolling can help relieve the tired sore muscles that are contributing to heel pain. 

Start with using a ball about the size of a golf ball. It even could be a golf ball, a bouncy ball or a specific massage ball. Don’t get stuck here, just find something to start with. 

  • Place your foot on top of a ball.
  • Gently roll your foot over the ball looking for any tender spots in the arch.
  • Once you have found the most tender spot, keep the ball under this area using enough pressure so that it feels like a good pain.
  • The pain should reduce in the next 30-60 seconds.
  • Then move onto the next most tender spot.

Note: If an area does not improve within 60 seconds, simply move onto the next area. If an area gets more painful instead of improving, stop, move to a new area to work on.


That's it! Get in and give those feet a roll and feel the relief. 

Stay tuned for next weeks tip which is covering stretching to help your heel pain. 

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