Why Do My Shoes Have These Extra Inserts???

Have you ever wondered why they give you this extra little piece to go in your shoes when you buy a new pair?

Some shoes are supplied with extra insoles to fit in your shoes - it may be full length, or just a forefoot filler or both.

So why do they do it?

For comfort and fit. This fillers can customise the fit and  feel of your shoes.

With my new shoes pictured above, I could feel the collar of the heel rubbing on my ankles. I was sitting too deep in the shoes and it was causing pain. The solution, adding the extra innersole in to lift me up in the shoe and take the pressure away.

The fillers are also included as someshoes no longer do 1/2 sizes, so the filler is to make a larger shoe feel a little more snug. In children's shoes, the filler can be removed as the foot grows so the shoe lasts a little longer.

Another neat little trick is if you have heel slippage in the shoe. This is often caused by the shoe being a little loose in the forefoot. Cutting the liner in 1/2 and placing the toe section in the shoe can help prevent this in some cases.


So there is a few ways that you can use the additional liner that comes with your shoes. Remember, if you are having any problems with your feet, check out our or call us on 3820 6326 to make an appointment.

Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell

Mark Caldwell has 22 years experience in podiatry. He is the founder of Feetology Podiatry Centre and enjoys helping Feetology's patients get better every day. When he is not treating patients he enjoys riding his mountain bike, growing fruit and veg in the garden and playing with his tractor.